Sunday, July 5, 2009


enjoyed his poppy beats
Peace MJ


a new board!- displayed at the Coca gallery in Christchurch
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Theres a maori legend behind it...

Two kawau once sat by the seaside, one was a seabird and the other a riverdweller who told his cousin his fishing spot was average. The sea kawau visited his rivercousin a few months later and admitted the riverbird was right. He told his cousin that from now on he would live with him, in the forest, by the river, catching delish fat eels. The river Kawau selfishly chased him away, 'there arent enough eels for the both of us!' Aggravated the sea bird rallied all his friends and a battle ensued. The forest birds were led by the tiny fantail and won the battle. Now every new zealand bird knows its place.

but really it was all just an excuse to practice drawing birds...

I dont know if coca meant to put eek and drypnz together, but were all good friends so its really cool that they did. check out their boards below.

More Travels

sweet travels up north
gouache is still grilling me

Nihon sketchies

I chewed through my staedtler pens, these are some of the sketches i did, most of these were done on the job, in the snow, smokin chocolat cigarettes. good times!